ShemTech's lighting control service allows you to integrate your smart home automated lights into your daily life. Have control of light levels, switches, sensors, and lighting scenes all with the touch of a button. You have the option of creating the right lighting for every event in your home. Create a wake-up mode, a goodnight mode, a romance mode, a watching TV mode and whatever other mode you can think of!

Our lighting control system also allows you custom schedule your indoor and outdoor lighting. Become more energy efficient, while giving the appearance that you’re home when you may not be, therefore adding more safety to your home. Lighting plays a big role in creating the aesthetic feel of your home, and smart lighting can help recreate that feeling day after day.

Our landscape lighting services allows you to enjoy your yard at night while adding an aesthetic feel to your already beautiful backyard. Highlight your home’s features and increase the appeal of your home by turning your home into life after the sun sets.

Have control of the zoning and dimming of your lights or add color to your yard, all with the touch of a button from your handheld device. Take pride of your home’s landscaping! Don’t settle for poor lighting that won’t accent your home the way it deserves to be.

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