In-Home Installation Fire Stick

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Break free from cable and create your own multimedia center

Combining the Amazon Fire TV Stick with just one piece of software – Kodi – can transform how you watch TV, movies, play games, and more.The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the small, USB-version of a Fire TV. It plugs into just about any TV. Kodi is an add-on available on the Stick that lets you install streaming services.

Listen to music on your Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick and Kodi aren’t limited to just TV and movies. You can also install music services like Spotify and Pandora, and also Music Box, which is an extremely popular free music service you get through Kodi.

Kodi lets you turn your TV Stick into a game emulator!

Retro games are all the rage now, and if you’ve ever wanted to play old-school games like Mario and Donkey Kong, but don’t want to try and hunt down old consoles, you can use Kodi to transform your TV Stick into an emulator. That means installing Retroarch.

Kodi has the ability to turn into a live-TV service

There are add-ons in Kodi that can let you watch live TV without paying. You can watch sports, live TV, and more, but there is some legal gray area here, so install and watch at your own risk.