Electronic Water Damage repair

Liquid damage in electronics is a bit like pancake batter on the counter: on Sunday morning, it’s relatively easy to wipe off. Dried pancake batter on Sunday night—that’s a different story. The same thing happens with water/liquid damage.

When we put a phone in rice, it is the same thing as doing nothing. It just FEELS like we’re actively trying something. Corrosion is instant when a phone hits water. Sometimes the corrosion hits important components, sometimes not. If we resist turning the phone on until it dries on the counter, in the rice bag, or anywhere else, sometimes we get lucky. If we had the phone in the rice bag, we think the rice saved the phone. But it didn’t! Even if the phone seems to be working, it will have oxidized solder joints that are weakened and brittle. Corrosion will continue to spread inside the phone. We have done nothing but experienced temporary luck.

The real secret to water damage? You don’t want to dry it




This listing is for REPAIR CLEANING SERVICE for your electronic device with water damage. We have been repairing electronics for the past 10 years, if anyone can fix your device rest assured it is us!!

If you have recently submerged your electronic device in water DO NOT turn it back on. This can damage more parts.


Rice alone will not solve the problem 

When your device is waterlogged all internal parts need to be cleaned of all corrosion and completely dried out. Please do not wait and let the water sit in it. Send it to us and we will do our best to get it WORKING and back to NEW!! It is very important that you do not delay as the longer you wait, corrosion builds up and limits our ability to fix your device

This listing covers cleaning your device ONLY (which normally is all that needs to be done to get your device working again). Once we receive your device we will diagnose, clean, fix, and test. If we need to replace damaged parts to get your device working again, we will contact you with a quote for the additional parts repair (screen, battery, etc).

We are fair and honest, we will not overcharge you if any additional parts are needed. Our number one concern is to get your device working again at an affordable price!

Please note, we cannot guarantee that your device can be fixed. As it depends on many factors such as the time your device was submerged and the type of liquid that water logged your device etc.

Our flat fee covers the cleaning and labor to clean/repair your electronic device. This cleaning service is NON-REFUNDABLE. For such a small price it is your best option than buying a costly new device. Most of the time we will be able to fix your device. In some cases we can’t, as its too far past repairs. ( you can allow us to recycle it for you!)

After you purchase,We will dispatch a technician to pickup your device. If any additional parts are needed we will contact you again to let you know. We will then ship your phone back to you free of charge!

If you want your device back faster we have  (2-3 Days speed up) for $20.00 additional, and Express Rush (1-2 days) for $40.00 additional. Otherwise please be patient as these repairs take time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Now, let’s get your device working again!!